Andrews Family with President Obama (01 Jun 2016)

Individual and Organizational Resilience

Resilience – the ability of a going concern to survive catastrophic events – requires advance planning and building a repository of goodwill you can tap into when disaster strikes.  The most successful organizations and leaders know that the end of a disastrous event is only the beginning of the challenge.

Using our groundbreaking “5C Framework©” of resilience, we can help you build an affordable, viable, and research-based individual and organizational resilience plan custom-tailored to your needs.  The 5Cs stand for community, connection, commitment, culture, and courage; the five elements needed to build effective and sustainable resilience.

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Andrews - GEN Bob Kehler Briefing (Apr 2008)

Motivational Speaking

The power of story changes lives, and David’s personal story of service, sacrifice, resilience, hope, and renewed purpose is one of the most uplifting, motivational stories you will ever hear.

See what everyone from the US Air Force to Merck Animal Health is calling a life-change, uplifting story that will bring you and your team to tears of joy and hope!

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Maximizing Veterans in the Workplace

Veterans bring special skills into the workforce: leadership, discipline, maturity, and a drive to succeed.  Yet, many organizations struggle to retain veterans – particularly Wounded Warriors – in the workforce, leading to higher personnel costs and lost productivity.

We can provide you with the experiential and research-based best practices to create the workplace culture and environment that turns America’s heroes into captains of industry – YOUR industry!

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Why choose Purple Heart Consulting?

With so many management consulting firms out there, why should you consider Purple Heart Consulting?

Purple Heart Consulting brings you resilience and management expertise based on the exceptionally rare blend of cutting edge of academic research, proven professional leadership practice, and the lived experience of a Purple Heart recipient.  We have the ability to reach and resonate with audiences that no one else can connect with because we have not only done the research and led large organizations, we have walked the warrior’s path of recovering from life-or-death combat trauma.

Come see why so many government, community, and industry leaders rely on us.  We are honored to serve and proud to be a disabled veteran small business.  Let’s partner together to help you achieve your goals!


Are you ready for the next step?

We believe in using the power of story through experiential and research-based wisdom as a catalyst for developing authentic leaders, resilient organizations, and helping build workplaces where military veterans – particularly Wounded Warriors (WW) – can realize their full potential and add maximum value to the organization.

Dignity – Grace – Honor

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