Organizational & Community Resilience through the 5C Framework

Organizational resilience – the ability to withstand adversity and survive catastrophic events – requires advance planning and building a repository of goodwill you can tap into when disaster strikes.  The most successful organizations and leaders know that resilience is not built overnight and the end of a disastrous event is only the beginning of the challenge.

We believe that organizational resilience starts with and is reflective of  organizational culture.  Do you know what your organizational culture is, and do you know how to develop your organizational culture and leverage it to build a resilient organization?  If not, please let us help you articulate your organizational culture and put it to work developing a strong, resilient organization.

Dr. Andrews developed the proprietary 5C Framework© – Community, Connection, Commitment, Culture, and Courage – which identifies the key elements needed to develop a truly effective resilience program.  Contact us to learn more about the 5C Framework© and how you can put it to work for your organization and community.

We can help you build an affordable, viable, and research-based organizational resilience plan custom-tailored to your needs.

Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Suicide is the ultimate loss of individual resilience.  It’s a heart-wrenching epidemic affecting a number of industries in the United States, including the military community (active duty and veterans) and the veterinary community.  What can we do to stem the tide?  Using the 5C Framework© as a guide, as well as his lived experience as a combat wounded veteran and community leader, Dr. Andrews provides exceptionally powerful and effective speeches and workshops to help industries, organizations, and individuals develop and sustain resilience against suicide.  Dr. Andrews is credited with saving over hundreds of lives since developing and delivering the 5C Framework to audiences including the United States Air Force, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the North American Veterinary Community VMX Congress, and the Veterinary Management Group Congress.  Please see why audiences members and industry leaders are lining up for Dr. Andrews’ life-saving work. It’s an event that you do not want to miss – an event you cannot afford to miss – and it’s an event that will change the audience members’ lives.

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture underpins much of our organizational identity.  While many organizations emphasize the importance of their culture, very few organizations know how to identify and leverage their culture to achieve organizational goals.

Purple Heart Consulting provides half- and full-day executive and team-building workshops to identify organizational culture in reaching strategic vision and goals.  Starting with three simple, yet powerful questions, we blend of research-based management best practices and three decades of combat-proven leadership experience to help you use organizational culture to reach your organization’s full potential.

Motivational Speaking

The power of story changes lives, and David’s personal story of service, sacrifice, resilience, hope, and renewed purpose is one of the most uplifting, motivational stories you will ever hear.

See what everyone from the Air Force Academy to Merck Animal Health is calling a life-change, uplifting story that will bring you and your team to tears of joy and hope!

Maximizing Veterans in the Workplace

Veterans bring special skills into the workforce: leadership, discipline, maturity, and a drive to succeed.  Yet, many organizations struggle to retain veterans – particularly Wounded Warriors – in the workforce, leading to higher personnel costs and lost productivity.

We can provide you with the experiential and research-based best practices to create the workplace culture and environment that turns America’s heroes into captains of industry – YOUR industry!

What we do

We provide you with affordable, viable, and experiential and research-based expertise that is custom-tailored to suit your needs.  Whether a 30-minute motivational speech, helping you maximize the talents of the veterans in your workforce, or providing you with community and organizational resilience plans to complement your disaster planning efforts, Purple Heart Consulting is focused on giving you award-winning personalized products and services to help you achieve your goals.

How we do it

All of our services start with dialogue to get to know you and better understand your needs and goals.  We believe that developing resilience, building a positive workplace culture, and delivering life-changing motivational speaking all starts with the power of personal connections.  We know that your time and resources are precious, so our approach is to deliver products and services that you can put to use immediately and easily sustain for years to come.  Together, we can build winning teams and develop lasting solutions with dignity, grace, and honor.

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