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Currently, we offer three platforms for the 5C Framework©. All three may be presented in-person or virtually online. Click on a platform for more information.

How We Do It

All of our services start with dialogue to get to know you and better understand your needs and goals. We believe that developing resilience, building a positive workplace culture, and delivering life-changing motivational speaking all starts with the power of personal connections. We know that your time and resources are precious, so our approach is to deliver products and services that you can put to use immediately and easily sustain for years to come. Together, we can build winning teams and develop lasting solutions with dignity, grace, and honor.

Conferences & Retreats

Connecting with others is a fundamental part of the human experience and a cornerstone for building resilience. Conferences and workshops provide us with the opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues, allowing us to refresh and recharge our resilience reservoir. At Purple Heart Consulting, we understand the power of connection and will provide your conference and retreat audiences with powerful and purposeful stories and training to build resilience, goodwill, and effective teams. Dr. Andrews is internationally renowned for delivering keynote speeches on resilience and overcoming adversity that has audiences laughing, crying, reflecting, connecting with each other, and giving resounding standing ovations. Let us bring that same life-changing impact to your next conference and retreat.

Workshops & Team Building

Too often we focus our team’s and organizational strategy on fixing what’s wrong instead of building upon our core purpose and what’s going right. Sound familiar? At Purple Heart Consulting, we blend advanced research with over 30 years of award-winning leadership experience to help you focus your strategy development to capitalize on your strengths and position for the future. Our fun, interactive, and purposeful workshops focus on two elements: 1) helping individual team members discover and link their core purpose to your organizational culture, and 2) helping your team leverage their core purpose to develop and achieve organizational strategic goals. Our focus is on helping you develop and achieve your goals.

College & University Presentations

Building resilience should include helping new and prospective entrants to the career field. Academic programs tend to focus solely on the technical skills needed to enter professional practice, and not the wellness skills needed to endure adversity you encounter during your career. At Purple Heart Consulting, we provide a team of highly-accomplished leaders to deliver fun, interactive and purposeful presentations to college and university students getting ready to enter the career field. We provide attendees with the tools to build individual resilience statements centered on their core purpose, which in turn helps them select the right organizations and career tracks that align with their sense of purpose. When people go through severe adversity, a large part of their resilience entails a ‘reset’ to their sense of core purpose. Our college and university presentations focus on helping new and prospective entrants discover their sense of core purpose and build the tools to successfully the challenges they will face in the future.